Launching on Kickstarter or Indiegogo and Don't Know Where to Start?
We've Got You Covered!

Introducing the Crowdfunding Product Launch Academy.

You'll get your product funded and launched with confidence you'll be successful.
Khierstyn Ross.  Launch Strategist. Over $2 Million Raised. Awesome Human <3
Launching Your Crowdfunding Campaign Soon & Don't Know Where to Start?
We've Got You Covered!
Uncover the Secrets to Get Your Product Funded
Imagine having your product in the hands of hundreds of customers, and being able to get your campaign successfully funded. That's exactly what you could be able to do with the right strategy, guidence, and support.
  • Live Monthly Q&A Calls - ongoing access to live calls where you can ask questions about your campaign
  • Video Trainings - because some prefer video learnings to make sure you have the basics before you take action!
  • Templates - proven templates I've used behind all of our campaigns (>$2M raised)
  • Behind the scenes campaign access - you'll get to see some of the experiements we use with our high-level launch clients
  • Constant Support - we're here for you to help you ever step of the way! 
  • Private Community - you could do this alone, but you never have to!
  • ...& many more benefits!
We helped this guy raise more than $200K for his Kickstarter
Hi! I'm Khierstyn Ross
Two years ago I fell into crowdfunding when our campaign failed, after tweaking strategy, we relaunched that product and 
raised more than $600,000. 

Since then I've gone on to help entrepreneurs raise more than 
$2M through Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

There's nothing I love more than getting my hands dirty with product launches. To me, a product launch is a way to create a business and live on your terms.

I founded the Crowdfunding Product Launch Academy to help give you the tools and support you need to make your dream a reality!

Let's do this!!
What our members are saying


"Khierstyn provides killer content, advice, and insight on a regular basis through her website and podcast. Her project launch checklist was an invaluable guide for me in planning my successful Kickstarter campaign and helped me reach my $10,000 funding goal in less than 3 hours! Before you even start thinking about launching a crowdfunding campaign I would highly recommend you get onto and subscribe to her podcast.”
- Ted Flemming

"Khierstyn is an amazing boom to our business. She helped us run our second crowdfunding campaign… and helped us raise over $300,000 more than our first campaign. She was an excellent lead, took care of everything. I highly recommend her and her team." 
Maneesh Sethi, Found of Pavlok
Imagine… for only $47/month, you can stay up to date with the latest strategies, information, guidance and support that you need to get your product successfully launched!


“Khierstyn's got all the blueprints, all the strategies, she’s seen it, she’s done it before multiple times and you’re in very good hands… If you’re thinking of working with Khierstyn look no further, she knows her stuff when it comes to launches and crowdfunding!” 
- Nathan Chan, Founder of Foundr Magazine

"Do you know what the popularity algorithm is? If you’re planning on crowdfunding on Kickstarter or Indiegogo you better, or it could cost you. A lot! Time…money…maybe even the success of your campaign. I know that’s what it would have cost me. I had no idea how much prep went into running one of these campaigns (or at least a successful one). Or how the right influencers, used strategically, could get your campaign from 75% to “funded”. Or even how to find the “right” influencers and get them to notice you. I didn’t have a clue until I spent an hour in Khierstyn Ross’ Masterclass. The downside – I may need to hold off a little while on my crowdfunding launch; the plus – when I do launch, what I learned this past hour (and all the tools she gave us to take home) are going to make it pretty hard to fail. Time incredibly well spent!" - Stefanie Zucker
- Crowdfunding Product Launch Academy FAQ - 
Who is the Academy Right For? If you are planning on launching your product online and want to learn to build an audience and prepare a crowdfunding campaign for your product... You're the right fit!

How often are new trainings released? All of the trainings and modules can be accessed immediately, and there will be more added over time!

Is there a minimum amount of time I'm required to join for? Absolutely not - stay for a month or several months as you prepare your product launch